Ikigai. A colorful reveal of our deepest intentions.

July 14, 2019

Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being."Our collective purpose in life is to bring light into the darkness. To outweigh fear with love. To share our inner workings with the world, and remind others that no one is perfect. We are messy. We are fiery. We are complicated, complex individuals set out on this journey together to bring freedom to the minds of others. Over the last year, we have shared studios in Cabbagetown, allowing us to experience and grow a fondness of a new area in Toronto. This stage in our lives has been thrilling, memorable. We each created brilliant works full of passion in this space but we are now ready to say goodbye and... Continue Reading →

The First Edition 1ft Concrete Lovebots

May 09, 2019

Matthew Del Degan was inspired to create Lovebot after he shared a heart-to-heart sitting face-to-face with a strange while riding a Toronto streetcar. Lovebot is native to Canada. Displayed proudly in its chest, the Hero Heart symbol is a unique embodiment of its very own red maple leaf. An original one-foot concrete Lovebot is Canadian right down to the size one Robertson screws that fasten its locally-produced wooden box to the matching lid, branded using a hot metal press. These special Canadian screws were purchased directly through Robertson Inc., a company established by a Canadian, P.L. Robertson in 1908. In 2019, Del Degan visited the original factory building in Milton, Ontario to discover where Robertson created his then new innovation:... Continue Reading →