!* ST1LL AL1VE - Keith Haring Tribute 1ft LOVEBOT Sculpture by Matthew Del Degan

Note from the artists about this sculpture:

Keith Allen Haring (May 4, 1958 – February 16, 1990) was an American artist whose pop art and graffiti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s

Today is Keith Haring's Birthday,

He passed away in 1990, just before I was born.
I feel a kind of duty to continue on or add to his legacy in small ways.

Keith has been an immense source of inspiration and joy to so many. 
He certainly always will be that to me.
It is for this reason that today, instead of acknowledging the "May the 4th" (be with you)
Star Wars release date.. even though I really do love Star Wars..
I've instead released this one-of-a-kind 1ft Lovebot sculpture today, on Keith's Birthday!

This 1ft tall Lovebot is a 3D sculptural version of the 30ft tall Mural that I painted at Triller Ave. and Queen West in Toronto, in honor of both Keith Haring and my friend, Matt Kirby. 
I keep both of these peoples positive essence with me in my heart always.

If you'd like to visit this mural it is still there and looking great!

Early on in Keith's short but highly impactful art career, he was known for his illegal chalk drawings done in the New York City Subway on black vacant ad spaces.

This Lovebot was designed and created to harken back to those earlier days, when young Keith began to draw his iconic, symbolic iconography in public space.

I'll never forget the T-shirt my father wore when I was a child that featured
one of Keith's dancing men.

The red heart in this instance kind of has a double meaning for aids awareness as well.

On the back of this Lovebot I've done a wide classic Three-Eyed Face icon of Keith's.

This Lovebot has a u.v protective clear coat that will insure the chalk
linework does not fade or wear away.

Like Keith must have, I've felt for well over a decade now that using both written and visual languages to communicate meaningful messages with the intention of causing positive change all over the world for an innumerable amount of people is
truly a way of life.

- Matthew Del Degan

This one of a kind 1ft Lovebot comes to you,

signed by both artists, with its corresponding notary; signed Certificate of Provenance for authentication, information card about your 1ft Lovebot sculpture, gold drip envelope and additional rare vinyl stickers. Also included is a Lovebot mini screwdriver bit set that opens the special Lovebot wood crate containing your one of a kind sculpture. 8 Canadian made size 1 Robertson screws seal this special crate that's lid that has been branded with a hot metal press and, for its safety, biodegradable packing foam encases the original sculpture.

If this sculptures delivery address is outside of Ontario Canada, (but still within the country) additional small crate shipping rate options will be provided to you after the order is placed. This shipping rate will be required to be paid in order to ship you your one of a kind 30lb Concrete Lovebot sculpture.

Type: Artwork

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