!* Custom 1ft Concrete Lovebot Sculpture - Delivery before December 10th, 2021.

There is 1 spot available a commissioned custom 1ft Lovebot sculpture. Once sold out, orders may not not open up again for custom 1ft Lovebots until June 2022.

Each Custom Concrete 1ft Lovebot is hand made. They are treated with the utmost care at every step of their creation, customization, and delivery process. Each custom 1ft Lovebot comes with it's own matching, unique custom packaging as well.

Any colorway or finish is an option and Lovebot's creator Artist, Matthew Del Degan is happy to accommodate!

He will email with you to determine exactly what you'd like before creating your custom 1ft Lovebot Sculpture.

The standard price of a 1ft Concrete Lovebot is $800 + tax.

A mandatory $60 local delivery fee for all Concrete Lovebots applies to anywhere in Ontario, Canada. 

It takes time to make each Lovebot just right.

Delivery is typically between 3-5 weeks after your order is placed.

These sculptures are delivered by Matthew with a signed certificate of provenance for authentication.
A special Lovebot screw driver bit set that is necessary for opening each custom wood Lovebot box is included as well, along with other rare Lovebot accoutrements.

(Orders outside of Ontario will have additional small crate shipping rate options that will be provided to you after your order is placed. This shipping rate will be required to be paid, in order for your 30 lb Lovebot sculpture to be delivered. Rates very depending on your delivery locations around the globe!

Although the First Edition of 100, Lovebot sculptures will forever be the first of their kind, they sold out quickly. This is now the only way to get a concrete Lovebot from Lovebot. One uniquely your own.

There are three pricing options:
Classic concrete body with a custom heart color ($900), Both custom body color and heart color ($1200),
and the third, something completely artistic, out there or wild that is very difficult, uses expensive materials etc. ($1800 and up) depending on the material requests or sheer complexity. 
If your idea is quite complicated you can inquire in advance by emailing info@lovebot.com to see if it is feasible.

"Any idea or a variation there of is possible." - Matt / Lovebot

Matthew, Creator of Lovebot loves a challenge so bring it on! if you'd like. 

Also worth noting,
If you'd like the heart and/or the heart + body of your Lovebot painted by the incredibly talented artist, Maina https://www.mainaarts.com Emily Del Degan, Matthews blissfully creative wife than please specify this in the notes section as you check out here on Lovebot.com!

I am happy to email back and forth with you to discuss your custom Lovebot, but please describe the look of your Custom 1ft Concrete Lovebot Sculpture in the notes section as you check out here on Lovebot.com

Looking forwards to it w
ith all love!
- Matthew Del Degan

Type: Artwork